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E2 What we value

Friday 31 August 2018, by JMC

E2 was set up because we are angry at how many learners are being failed by our current education systems.

We recognise that, whether we like it or not, globalisation is a reality and the world is changing. Fast. Phenomena such as climate change, growing multiculturalism or the rapid evolution of technology will continue to require major shifts in how we think, learn and act. Like a tree, we can either adapt by bending with the wind, or refuse to change and risk being snapped in two by its unstoppable force.

With this in mind, we question whether schools around the world should continue to educate using methods that were designed over 150 years ago for the Industrial Age.

We wanted to learn how education could be transformed in order to equip learners with the skills they will need to make the most of the 21st century. Skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and personal wellbeing.