Latest update : 28 August 2018.

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  • Year 9 project: "Bridges to nowhere"

    28 August 2018, by JMC

    How can we use Maths to engineer a beautiful bridge?
    The learning targets were : I can develop a creative design which fits a given brief. I can use my knowledge of structures and materials to develop a detailed plan. I can select and use tools to make a high quality product I can apply accuracy and precision. I can deduce and prove geometric principles
    Students looked at three case studies examining the engineering language of bridges, the structural systems of bridges and the (...)

  • Year 8 project: What is the science behind superhumans?

    28 August 2018, by JMC

    The learning targets were: I can describe the basic structure and function of the musculoskeletal system. I can explain how the musculoskeletal system works to generate force I can use different statistical measures to analyse and interpret data I can describe the principles of biomechanics I can describe how forces interact with objects
    During the immersion, students completed a number of health and fitness tests such as the Illinois agility test and the multi-stage fitness test. Students (...)

  • Year 8 project: How natural are natural disasters?

    28 August 2018, by JMC

    This was a joint STEM, Humanities and Arts project.
    The learning targets were: I can explain how Tectonic plate movement leads to Tsunami‚Äôs and Earthquakes I can discuss how the effects and responses to a natural hazard vary between hazards I can show how transverse and longitudinal waves contribute to earthquakes and tsunamis I can explain the chemistry of oxidation reactions I can investigate the suitability of apparatus to measure the frequency, wavelength and speed of waves in a ripple (...)

  • Yr 7 Project: How healthy is our relationship with nature?

    28 August 2018, by JMC

    This project was a joint expedition between STEM and Humanities and Arts
    The learning targets were: I can explain the interdependence of organisms within an ecosystem I can explain how changes in an environment can impact upon its ecosystem I can describe the ways that cells are similar and different in humans and plants I can describe how genetic inheritance results in species variation I can explain how natural selection and evolution results in characteristics of different species I can (...)